About Us

Foster LLP is a Calgary law firm practicing exclusively in family and divorce law.

The practical problems that need to be addressed at the time of separation are often complicated by emotions and financial issues, and legal proceedings can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why we believe that one of the most valuable things we can provide to a client is the peace of mind that comes from understanding the law and having a plan of action. 

Our lawyers know that our clients need us to listen, to understand and to respond with compassion. We work with clients to understand their unique needs, and to develop appropriate, tailor-made solutions to their problems. Once we know the issues clients are facing, we’ll explain the law, provide opinions on clients’ rights, and outline options and possible next steps.

At Foster LLP, our depth of experience, expertise and professional integrity provides clients with the care and service they need to overcome challenging times and successfully move on with their lives. 

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